Thursday, 20 November 2014

Healthcare Learning Management Systems

Continual learning is of crucial importance in the healthcare sector. If healthcare providers don’t keep up with new developments in their field of medicine, the entire sector will stagnate. Technological advancement and research in the medical sector has provided new and better or more cost-effective treatments for many diseases and conditions.

If however medical personnel are not trained on new procedures, how to use new equipment or educated about new research findings, the healthcare sector won’t be able to take advantage of these advancements.
One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of providing healthcare training is through the implementation of learning management systems (LMS). The implementation of a learning management system can lead to a significant improvement in a healthcare organisation’s training efforts. There are number of great LMS providers that offer tailored LMS solutions for healthcare organisations. Let’s have a look at 4 of the best solutions / providers available today.

NetDimensions Healthcare
A specialist division for this field, NetDimensions Healthcare provides customised learning management systems for the healthcare sector. They work with an healthcare organisation from the first requirements analysis to the actual implementation of a customised learning management system and offer support once the system is operational.

Depending on your needs, their management system may include modules for End to End People Compliance, Clinical Staff Assessments, e-Learning, Accreditations and Competency Management, Patient and Community Web Portals and Compliance Analytics and Workforce Readiness.

NetDimensions takes pride in providing a secure and always available SaaS (software as a service) learning management system. They ensure that any personal information and sensitive data that is contained in their system is fully secured. NetDimensions take a personalised approach to each project because they realise that no healthcare client has the exact same learning management needs. NetDimensions has successfully worked together with large healthcare organisations such as Centra, Nuffield Health and Unity Health System.

Having developed a large client base in the education sector since 2003, Webanywhere has now developed an impressive portfolio of clients across many other sectors, including healthcare. These LMS experts have delivered healthcare elearning platforms to University College London Hospitals, the NHS and Medtronic - one of the world's largest medical technology providers.

Virtual College
Based in Yorkshire, Virtual College offers a learning management system that is used by a great number of private and public sector companies throughout the UK. They host their solution in the cloud, which means that clients do not have to worry about system maintenance whatsoever.

Virtual College makes sure that the system is running smoothly at all times and that you don’t need to spend time and money on installing updates or fixing issues. Virtual College offers a solution that can be customised based on your healthcare organisation’s learning needs. They also claim to always be on top of new e-learning developments, with a dedicated team working to continually improve their LMS.

Security is one of the top priorities for Virtual College, which is why they use a tiered system that allows an organisation to very specifically set access levels for staff with different responsibilities. They also encrypt all sensitive data that is stored in their system. Virtual College’s LMS is used by clients such as Airedale Hospital Trust and West Yorkshire Fire Service.

HealthcareSource NetLearning
HealthcareSource NetLearning is a software solution that aims to improve healthcare organisations’ learning and competency management efforts. Proper implementation of the learning management solution will help ensure that healthcare staff receives the training that they need when they actually need it. The HealthcareSource NetLearning solution focuses on: Improving staff knowledge. Tracking education compliance. Central organisation of certifications. Reduction of learning costs.

HealthcareSource customers include Huntsville Hospital and Schneck Medical Center.