Thursday, 8 May 2014

Better Corporate e-Learning with Totara LMS Enterprise v2.6

On Tuesday this week, Totara Learning Solutions, based in Wellington New Zealand, launched version 2.6 of the Totara LMS Enterprise edition.

Already a hugely popular learning management system within the corporate space, v2.6 shows further strides to make the platform even better for the needs of healthcare, government, not-for-profit and business clients.

Key new features of the new Enterprise version include:

  • Fully configurable learner catalogs 
  • The ability to turn features off if they are not currently needed 
  • More responsive themes, working across tablets and phones, as well as desktops 
  • Customization of appearance and navigation features 
Totara LMS

Totara Learning Solutions Limited was founded by well-established e-learning specialists Kineo, Catalyst and Kineo Pacific. Their mission is to transform the corporate learning management experience.

Totara LMS stems from Moodle, the world's most popular learning management system, which was developed for the needs of the education sector and is used by well over 60 million learners, predominantly in universities, colleges and schools. The fact that Moodle is open source means that there are no barriers to entry in terms of licence fee costs.

As a customized version of Moodle for corporates, Totara LMS is still available as an open source learning management system, with the Enterprise edition available through subscription, giving access to additional support and features from Totara HQ.

Totara LMS has users across all sectors, with notable organizations using the platform including Tesco, Logica and NZ Inland Revenue.

Some of Totara's clients train up to 100,000+ employees with the system, often based across multiple offices in different countries.

They choose to do so because as a purpose built corporate e-learning solution, it delivers on key commercial requirements, such as:

  • Allowing role-based learning paths 
  • Reporting against KPIs
  • Managing accreditations 
  • Lowering overall cost of training 

You can learn more at the Totara website: