Saturday, 4 January 2014

Moodle Partners in the USA

Below are contact details for official Moodle Partners in the USA that offer e-learning solutions across America and beyond for businesses, schools, higher education providers, not-for-profits and other types of organization.

An official Moodle Partner is a company that is certified by Moodle HQ to deliver services related to this open source learning management system (LMS).

Webanywhere Inc
220 N Green St
IL 60607
Telephone: +1 312 588 7284
See for more on their Moodle services.

Remote-Learner US
201 Osage Lane
Suite 2
22980 USA
Sales: 877-299-1293 x1
Support: 877-299-1293 x2
Toll Free: 877-299-1293

NewSchool Inc.
50703 Rush Creek Ct.
Indiana 46530

Moodlerooms, Inc.
190 W. Ostend Street
Suite 205
Maryland 21230
Telephone +1 410.779.3400

ClassroomRevolution, LLC
8417 Oswego Road
Suite: 276
New York 13027
Telephone: 888 – 666 – 3538